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And how much is that in lost business. It can be more than the tax seeing as it can wreck comparative advantage.

If I'm selling water and purchase bottles for $1 and sell it for $1.03 (many industries have those margins), and you do the same selling $1 water for $1.03, then someone comes around and makes my water cost me $1.15 how much water do I sell?

You could tax as little as $0.04 and you did not just raise my expenses four cents on the dollar, which sounds like a small burden. You completely stole my whole income.

Never tariff a raw material. This is what we do to countries to punish them. We've brought nations to their knees with policies like these. Applying a different intent to the same policy doesn't suddenly make it do the opposite. (On that note we need to talk to our politicians about cp laws and copyright).