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"Ooga booga" i said. A shot in the dark walking under the perlesent street lights. "Booga mm sniff sniff" a wonderful smell hit my nose over the Exhaust fumes and neighbor hood gloom. I walked over a hill and saw the source of my heaven had a red and white glow, a smiling man in the middle. The doors to the place opened as if they had expected me. "The burly man behind the glass said "Hi welcome to KFC, What do you want to order?" "Hgga ooga click click" "uh, sure" the Man said pushing the button to unlock the Lavatory door. Inside I quickly Went to the stall, saliva filling my mouth. I found my stomachs calling tucked away resting half way outside the water.

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10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. Look at how long writers in the genre take to put out a book and roughly double it for a new writer to produce something that might be publishable. Stephen King puts in around 1000 to 2000 hours of work per novel which includes all the editing, and that's working full time. If you plan on writing a decent 100K novel, only working part time, figure 2-3 years of work.

Oh, and you want to make money doing this also? If you even make minimum wage for the time you put in for it, that would be considered a success for a first time author.

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this is a worse shitpost than the obvious shitposts littering the site


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is this a fictitious tale, too?